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The Right Stuff - What I Put in My Baby T

Infant - Choose Breastfeeding T-shirt shirt
Everyone knows that human babies are made to drink human milk, but formula is just as good, right? Especially when culture and birthing practices contribute so much to the difficulty of breastfeeding. Well, the formula companies would like you to think so.

Every drop of mommy-made human milk contains benefits that formula and other animal milk will never have. In fact, the World Health Organization puts formula as the fourth best choice for infant feeding. Fourth best, not second. Fourth, after milk from the infant's own mother from her breast, milk from the infant's own mother pumped into a bottle, and milk from a donor mother. Yep, babies know what they need when they are refusing that bottle.

For more information on breastfeeding, visit evidence-based information on breastfeeding website, http://KellyMom.com. Interested in donating milk or receiving donated milk? Visit the North American Human Milk Bank website.

The Choose Breastfeeding shirt can also be printed onto an adult-sized T-shirt. Simply click on the image and select the size and style of your choice.

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