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Welcome to the T-shirt site for all of those who have kids or parents in their lives! Wearing an unusual T-shirt makes a statement about who you are, how you are feeling, what you have to say. Be more than a number. Let the world in on what is going on in your little corner right now. Tees also make great gifts.


Sassy Kid T-shirt

Child's T - Good and Silly shirt
Speaking of talking down to kids, how about the question, "Have you been good today?" Nobody would say this to another adult, and really, what does it mean anyway? Do they care if your child has been good? Or rather, obedient, which is what they probably mean. And then we can go into why we expect "good" men and women to stand up for their loved ones and persist in attaining goals, but "good" children should meekly give in. Oh, there is just too much to wade through from an adult asking a child, "Have you been good today?" Let the T-shirt do the talking in the forthright style of children: "Have YOU been good today?"

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